You just woke up and said you had a dream. You were a boy singing a song to a girl, at a co-op.

Last night, you made salad for the first time. Daddy ate it. Bee pollen, water, lettuce, carrot shavings. You’ve started to do things on your own more.

Today, your mood swings are really wold. Read to me, then go away! I never want to do that again. Then trying something new. You wanted to make your own smoothie, then it didn’t turn out and you swore off blenders. You took my glasses and hid them. Now I can’t drive. You wanted to run off and camp outside. It was cold, you came back in. Then camping in the living room. Then the mattress was too wrinkled to you yelled at me to go away. Maybe you have food allergies that contribute to mood swings. I’m resolved to stay loving and just love you mood swings and all.

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