We just watched the best of So You Think You Can Dance on YouTube. You got inspiration for your own contemporary, interpretive dances. You decided your stage name would be Renee Hah-wren and your dance partner would be Izzy Meloncore (previously Hope Mellon).

Before that, we listened to The Chainsmokers (Something Just Like This, Paris, Sick Boy, Closer). I’m usually hesitant to watch, listen to, or do something, but follow you and end up liking it (just like Barbie, Monster High, Dragon Riders, Chainsmokers).

You’re aggravating Daddy as usual. 10:30 pm and you want to make Play-Doh, not brush your teeth. Last night, I woke up at 1 am to find you wasting almond oil, washing your dolls, making messes everywhere. I was disappointed and said so.

I want to trade Theta token, supposed to be the next YouTube.

Daddy now says you’re done and he wants to throw you out. He may not. I said I’m not sleeping out there with you if you get thrown out.

Something I wrote on Facebook earlier today:

“I talked with my 5 yrd daughter about parenting. I said she’s just a seedling and I’m like her greenhouse. She has plenty of room to grow, sunshine, water. One day, she’ll grow into a huge tree or bush outside, but for now I’m here to give her a big and safe (but ultimately limited) environment to grow. So freedom within boundaries we both agree are logical. Do you feel school is harming her? (You could make that case.) Are things out of your comfort zone? My kiddo tried different schools: West Side Montessori (3 months), Gateway School (6 months), karate school (several weeks), dance school (1 day), fine arts school (still going), theater workshops (1 day), co-op (just started), etc. Most she feels are too restrictive and strict. Most have been her idea to try. All are something that was a family decision, because they affect everyone.”

Things blew up as usual. You’re in the living room fooling around. I’m in my office. Daddy asked why I don’t get anything done during the day. I got upset, because I don’t have any time to myself. You wanted and succeeded in getting kicked out of the bedroom, so I would come sleep in your room. I said I wouldn’t, because it’s not comfortable. You said you don’t need me any more, I said fine and went to my office. Here I type. I can’t count on you to put yourself to bed.

Love and frustration,

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