I suggested you and Daddy clean the fireplace after dinner. Next thing I know, you’re screaming. He grabbed the shovel out of your hand and didn’t even realize you were bleeding. I came and took you into the bathroom, rinsed the cut, put on green goo and a bandaid. Daddy stormed off in his coat, talking about how “get used to life without me.” By the time we finished in the bathroom, he was already back and apologizing, telling you his short temper was a sickness and he’s sorry. I finished cleaning the fireplace ashes and vacuumed around the fireplace. You two are playing nice together now, listening to a Ronnie Laws record.

Now you want to draw on the windows. I would suggest you use dry erase markers.

At last, you and Daddy are getting along. Why does it take so long?

He’s reading you a dinosaur book now. Very sweet. This is how it should be all the time.


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