You bumped your head twice today. Just now, when we all tried to jam through the door coming out of the office and you banged into the door jam. You cried. It left a mark. The other time was earlier today on the way to Panera when you didn’t want to put on your seat belt and I wanted to show you what would happen in an accident (because you said you would stop yourself). I hit the brakes from 20mph to 0. You banged into the font seat with your cheek and bit your lip, cheek was red, one tooth and your lip got a little bloody. You cried and cried, I think incredulous that I did it on purpose to demonstrate something to you. Not the first time I thought to do it, but first time I did it. I don’t know if you learned anything and I regretted it. We talked about it soon after that. I apologized and said I wasn’t sure I did the right thing. I usually end up feeling later that I did a wrong thing with you. But you’re forgiving. Other than that, today was a nice day. 🙂

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