We’re watching Mia and Me Season 1 (again). I like it, too.

Today, we went to Luna Pier and played on the beach for 2 hrs in the afternoon. You got up to your neck; me to my waist. We both peed in the water. I hope there wasn’t any microcistin in the water or anything else bad. I showered; you didn’t yet.

This morning I got really mad at you (screamed, picked you up crying and put you on the bed in the bedroom, slammed the door). You were very changeable. Said you wanted ice cream, then didn’t after I got it out. You change your mind often. In hindsight, what happened this morning seems so unimportant. I think I have a bigger issue with feeling that I’m wasting my time. We spend so much time doing fun things and so little on work or constructive stuff (perhaps not a bad thing) and I spend what feels like most of my time on either making you a happy childhood or doing chores (cooking, cleaning, laundry, organizing messes).

You still visit and play with Audrey and want to play with Calli, but they seem different to me. I think they resent that you get so much freedom, attention, and don’t have to go to school. Other times, you seem to avoid the neighborhood kids. Are they mean? Do you prefer older kids?

Yesterday, we visited a co-op for homeschoolers, but it was Christian and for teens. Too bad. The lady, Lisa, told me about another co-op, TEACH, but the CH stands for Christian Homeschoolers, so no go. I don’t want you “lovin’ on Jesus” or reciting Bible verses.

After that, we went kayaking on the Maumee canal and river for 20 minutes in Grand Rapids for free. We were out so short, the lady at the rental place didn’t want to charge us. I had a nice time. Then, we played on the playground and had ice cream. You had a nice time. Then we went to get new books and DVDs from the library.

This morning, I learned from a YouTube video how to write screenplays, but you have temporarily lost interest.

Next week, you got to Rosenbloom Farm day camp. Perhaps after that, you’ll go to theater day camp. Or another camp like horse camp, which you said you’re interested in.

We had spaghetti for dinner today. You said for years you hated pasta (having never tried it), but now you want spaghetti rather often. Go figure.

You also seem interested in going to Clonlara school this fall. You like the idea of just 2 days a week, having freedom to do whatever, and being with kids of all ages.

Love you,

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