Lily, Last night was hard. You brushed your teeth un-asked-for, but it went downhill from there. I ended up kicking you out of the bedroom, because you wouldn’t let me sleep. Daddy was already in the living room. He decided to just avoid any episodes by staying out there until you fell asleep. Long story… Continue reading

Lily, This morning, you told me about your dream. People from all around the galaxy with different colored skin were rescuing baby ducks in briefcases. Taking them off planet to different planets. The whole half upper hemisphere was filling up with baby ducks (too many?). I think the baby ducks were a metaphor for humans… Continue reading

Lily, Daddy came home and got upset. Long day for him (very leaky building, flooding, stupidvising). You were extra annoying. He then apologized and said he intended not to lose his temper again tonight. 10 minutes or less later, he dumps a glass of water on you.

Lily, You’re only 5 and already I treat you like you’re such a disappointment. You make messes, you’re inconsiderate, you agree to something for a meal, then won’t eat it, you make demands on people. Did I let you have too much freedom, make too many choices? I did make myself too available to you.… Continue reading

Daddy is reading you the Cat’s Quizzer in your room. You’re interacting nicely together. It happens! Let’s have it happen more often. I’m working in the office, but want to document good times happening. <3

Lily, You threw up last night and the night before. All your undigested food. First night was red peppers. Washed the sheets both nights. You had terrible abdominal pain the first night. Kept wanting water last night. Paced back and forth from bed/water on table to the bathroom. Non-verbal, wouldn’t respond when Daddy and I… Continue reading