Lily, We had a nice day, but it didn’t end well. Daddy just screamed for you to get out of his room. You push him too far. Before that, he threatened to throw away your Snoopy scenes, because you didn’t clean them up after he asked once. I said I felt I shouldn’t be your… Continue reading

Lilybear, Daddy said yesterday we could have a baby if I could find a way to afford it. So I’m determined to do that. We had a nice day. You played with Audrey this morning who recommended Boss Baby (movie). We watched that. Violent, with cross dressing, not really kid appropriate. But nice ending, had… Continue reading

Lily, I really hate your father right now. You two didn’t like my fried rice lunch, so I decided you two would make dinner. Daddy says he’s helpless and gives up on life. You dove right in with ideas: carrots, peppers, and hummus. I don’t want you to grow up to say “I can’t, life’s… Continue reading

You want me to write a commercial. The story of two little kids. Their mother was struck by an evil “korinist” (means bully) woman. Everyone in the family are superheros or supervillans. The evil woman has stolen superheroes’ powers. The kids have to find their dad, Atattax. He’s the only one who can defeat this… Continue reading

You just watched The Incredibles. You created your own super hero family with Barbie dolls. Helena — mother, plant powersReven — older, blond daughter, can run at lightning speed on any surfaceFalcon — younger, brunette daughter, can fly with really cool moves at top speed They drive a superhero car (pink Barbie convertible).