Yesteday, we bought produce at Ciolino’s and you wanted to pay for part of it. You paid $0.53. You want a guitar for Christmas and a sticker chore chart. Monday, we washed toilets and cleaned together. You took out the trash. We’ll visit the music store today to see if they have any children’s guitars.… Continue reading

Lily, You want me to write: Today, I watched a new movie. Lots of them, actually. 4 Barbie movies (all seen before except Princess Power). 2 Casper movies. 1 short animated film called Caldera. You also played at Audrey’s house and tracked how many times you said “I love you” to your parents (2). Anything… Continue reading

So, we brought home carrots from the food co-op today. You asked me (I swear exactly these words), “Does this carrot have a penis?” (The carrots were short and stubby with roots like arms and legs and that one little one really did look like a penis.) Then without waiting for me to answer, you… Continue reading

You just asked me what happens after you die. I said I don’t know and it’s a big cosmic question. I asked what you think happens. You’re telling me about a dream you had about you and me as skeletons in a grave yard. Like to movie Coco, about the boy who visits the land… Continue reading

Lily, You break Daddy’s heart. This is the second night he’s held back tears. He tried today. He brought home lemon squares and took you shopping for Halloween decorations at Home Depot and Menard’s, then hung them up with you despite being so very tired (and his first day back at work after a week… Continue reading

Lily, I took you to Babcia and Dziadek’s to watch Star Wars (the despecialized edition I painstakingly searched for, downloaded, and burned to DVD). You had no interest in it. I hugged you during the gruesome parts. You misbehaved. Not a successful movie night. I think you’re too young. Buy watching Star Wars was your… Continue reading

Lily, For the past few days, you’ve dreamed that you’re building and decorating your house with your husband. You tell me this when you wake up. You volunteered that his name is Brian. Let’s see if this proves true.