Lil, Daddy says he felt bad about yelling at you and taking your fishing pole last night. But you did hit him (twice) and that wasn’t right. You two are getting along swell right now. I went to bed at 7 (stayed up all night working). You woke up at 7, then went back to… Continue reading

Lily, You can be such a handful some days. You hit Daddy twice today. He got over it fast enough and we had a nice bedtime. You got mad at Callie and Audrey, but apologized. I found out when you came home, went to your room and slammed the door. You said they wanted to… Continue reading

Lily, (I’m writing this on the 21st, but think it happened on the 10th. I’m working from handwritten notes that say “Sunday Night.”) And now eternity passes. I’m writing this by the light of the front door lights in the foyer. The house is so quiet. You’re finally asleep. I’m not mad at you any… Continue reading

Lily, It’s that time of night (1:14 am) when I can’t remember a thing I wanted to tell you. Listening to Taylor Swift songs, feeling sentimental. Paused “Back to December” to concentrate on writing this. Today started with me being grumpy at being woken up and your usual “play with me. me me me” demands.… Continue reading

We just came home from Babcia and Dziadek’s house where we had dinner. You made jokes as your meal got cold, handled your food, had overall really bad table manners. Times like this, I am humiliated and ashamed to be your mom. I told you as much. We came home, you went to your room… Continue reading

Lily, I just watched a Teal Swan video where she says that my job as a parent is to let you be you, to let you heal me, because you’ll push my buttons and all need pushing. Your button pushing will identify everything that I need to heal. I should try in every moment to… Continue reading

Yesterday, Daddy was playing you blues and you called it “hunchback old man music.” He loved that. We listened to Mannish Boy. Today, you and he are watching Masha and the Bear.