Lily, You spent all day today watching Care Bears on Netflix. The only breaks were going to the library, picking up our veggies from the CSA, and visiting Pat. Then you didn’t want to come to bed (disrespecting the fact I wait up to read to you). While I read, you bounced, interrupted, and blocked… Continue reading

Lily, It’s a good sign when you put yourself to bed, right? Tonight you wanted to come cuddle me, but I was working. I intended to stop and come tuck you in. I did about 15 min after you came to cuddle, but by then you were asleep. While you were in the office with… Continue reading

Lily, I’m seeing double as I write this. I’m mentally exhausted, but physically OK. It was another horrible weekend with Daddy being Jerkyl and Hyde, loving or angry. He says horrible things to you like “you’ll never learn” or “how many times do I have to say” and “she doesn’t listen.” I hate him then.