Lily, I’m sitting here writing this without my glasses, yet I see fine. I feel such rage. I’m alone in the house with Luey. You and Daddy are outside in the tent. We were all supposed to camp outside today. I was looking forward to it. We had warm milk, cookies, watched The Neverbeast, I… Continue reading

Munchkin, You just put yourself to sleep in your room by yourself. Turned off your light, plugged in your nightlight, and fell asleep. Daddy took himself off the couch and into bed. I’m working in the office. We all knew what the others were doing and yet it all came together. Sure, you bothered me… Continue reading

Lily, We are currently playing with legos. We made an addition to your two-story house, a garden, with a pergola, fountain (with pennies in it). I am drying dandelion roots out in the solar dehydrator and reading about mortars and pestles. Daddy is mowing the lawn.

Lily, Not this past Saturday, but the one before that, you and Daddy took Grandma Marilyn out to lunch. Grandma asked if you’d loan her some money and you said (with spunk), “What do I look like, a bank?” When you entered the restaurant, you went right up to the server and said boldly, loudly,… Continue reading