Lily, You decided not to go to Rosenbloom Farm camp today. I don’t think you’ll be back tomorrow. You were very conflicted. Didn’t want to make a decision. We waited. You said, no, I started to call Linda, then you ran out crying that you did want to go. We drove there, stopped yards ahead… Continue reading

Munchkin, Our day yesterday. You woke up. We played brain games in bed, then you wanted to watch TubiTV in bed. Fine. You watched In the Night Garden. Didn’t want any of my breakfast, wanted pancakes, which I said I’d prefer not to take the trouble to make. I made them. You kept dropping them… Continue reading

Lily, You told both Daddy and me that you want to move to a new home and want the experience of living in another home. You also want to make commercials and start our own health company. Mama

Lily, We watched the movie, Wolf Children, yesterday and you loved it so much, we’re watching it again today. I loved it, too. I cried. Eating a cherry Lara bar for lunch + raw milk. Yummy. Mama