Lily, Some time this month, you named your nipples, Perky and Pokey. I forget which is which. We’ve been enjoying wonderful days together, but still with bedtime drama, especially for Daddy. The issue with our pump may finally be over. We expect a large bill. But on to better thoughts…

Lily, We played nice today. We got back from Babcia and Dziadek’s (empty) house (since they’re still in Poland). We played restaurant (candlelit with menus and Andrew Lloyd Webber music), camping with a baby brother, blocks, wooden peg games, checkers, ate a popsicle in the back yard. I lived in the moment. I didn’t yell… Continue reading

Lily, We had a nice Mother’s Day yesterday. My best (and only) present, taking care of my family all day. Pancake breakfast, brain games, you kicked Daddy (after you refused to hand back a piece of paper that he asked for nicely 5 times), the two of you argue, he threatens, you cry, you and… Continue reading

Lily, You just woke and told me you had a dream about the Eiffel Tower, a giant owl, the Barbie family, a picnic at Olander Park, and a big puppy event at the Ann Arbor Hands On Museum. The owl turned out to be a nice owl. In another dream, you went to a “ballet… Continue reading

Lily, Another night working and writing in this diary as you sleep in the bedroom. Got a hot water bottle behind my back and it feels so good. Remembering the lyrics to Paramour’s song “Misery Business” — “and God, does it feel so good, cause I got him where I want him now. She’s got… Continue reading

Lily, So much to tell you. I hope I remember it all. I can’t see straight, so tired, typing in the office iwth one eye closed. You’re asleep across the hall as usual. We read 3 books. You picked a sensible number. You let me brush your teeth and hair. You ARE trying, I can… Continue reading