Lily, On the way to theater class this morning, you gave me some future predictions: 1) the car you drive will be blue, 2) you and your husband will build your farm house by hand (I’m thinking cob). A girl got upset when you took her mouse puppet and hid it under some fabric. She… Continue reading

Lily, You insist that I write in your baby diary. You’re sitting next to me. What did you do today? You watched Ratatouille and The Jungle Book. We finished reading the graphic novel, Newsprints, about Blue and Crow, Jack and Jill. I hope there’s a sequel. We had a wonderful dinner, lunch, and breakfast. Babcia… Continue reading

Lily, I didn’t read books to you tonight. I read a graphic novel to you, stopped halfway. You seemed to lose interest; you kept picking your nose. For the love of Pete, STOP PICKING YOUR NOSE! It’s been weeks of you having your fingers up your nose and in your mouth. It’s been a tough… Continue reading

Lily, I’m still working. Daddy and you got back from Meijer. I helped you two put away things, sorted socks. You asked me to make you food. I asked what you wanted. You had a meltdown, screaming at me. I walked away into the office and shut the door. Daddy stepped in, took care of… Continue reading

Lily, I’m working. You asked me to read to you and I explained about needing to work and you said, “You don’t have to” and it just broke my heart. Even though I made you breakfast, tea, got you syrup, dressed you, rubbed your feet, read to you, and snuggled you this morning. I still… Continue reading

Lily, We had sausage, quinoa, and steamed carrots for dinner. You sat on a piece of quinoa, so I’m nicknaming you “quinoa tush” from now on. You want me to write that you got a Pop Star dolly dressing book and a sticker book with planets and other space mazes. For lunch, we had… neither… Continue reading

Lily, I am grateful for today (well, yesterday, as I’m writing this at 5am after working at night). You’re sick, stuffy nose, slight fever, very complaint. You keep waking up (4 times tonight), can’t fall back asleep, tell me you’re seeing things (dreaming, hallucinations?). Very hard for me to work.

Lily, Today was the Gateway Music Program at Hope Lutheran Church. It was very nice and cute, lots of little kids hopping, dancing, singing. Dan and Heidi were very cordial. Right on cue, at the start of the program, it began to snow the biggest most magical snow flakes.

Lily, You just woke up and fell back asleep. I covered your naked body back up as you mumbled, “For goodness sake! Where are they?” What are you looking for, munchkin? Huggle you,Mama

Dear Lily, You’re helping me write this diary entry. I’m going to write whatever you suggest. You’re picking your nose again. I tell you, “Have an exit strategy.”