Dear Little One, I’m going to refer to today as the night of the runaway chicken. Daddy and I bought chicken at Kroger’s. It didn’t make it home. While I cooked dinner, Daddy looked for it at home, in the car, in the parking lot, at the store. The cashier gave him a free replacement… Continue reading

Hello Poo, You woke up tonight, because you wet the bed. Did you have a nightmare? You played with Avary and Evan today, very nice time playing Mr. Fox, Red Light Green Light, trampoline. I picked up the pyramid corner pieces from Adam at Palmer Hall, UT today. His second try and they still don’t… Continue reading

Dear Lily, This morning, you woke up singing and dancing. Your hands were moving and you were singing, “dew dee doo dee doo.” Breakfast was pancakes. Luey was great. I love Luey. You’re dictating to me now. Who doesn’t love cats?

Lily, More details about your future. A few days ago, you revealed your house number: 1889. Today, you told me your husband will play the kazoo. You asked both Daddy and I what we want you to have in a marriage. I said to laugh together. It helps a lot.

Lily, I attended a Crime in the Age of Trump (or some similar title) presentation at the West Toledo branch library on Tuesday evening and it was disappointing. Not my crowd. Bunch of stereotypes of the left: fat women or non-binary (he? she?) folks with dyed hair hating on Trump and just complaining. But I… Continue reading