Lily, We’re planning a beach trip. I want to go to New Orleans and Biloxi. Daddy wants to go to Fort Myers and Sanibel, since they’re warmer. We’ll see where we go.

Lily, You really pissed me off today. Another day of “I don’t want to eat that for dinner.” I left and went in the office. I went on strike. Daddy fed you tacos. I did come out of hiding to make a green smoothie, which you actually drank.

Dear little one, You had a great day. Woke up early (for a Thursday — 8 am), watched videos before oatmeal breakfast (Yo Gabba Gabba), theater class, you and Chloe played monkeys in the story about the man who sold hats, had a pretend picnic with sandwiches, you decided you wanted sandwiches for our lunch,… Continue reading

Lily, We’re in your room. You’re bouncing around your bed naked. Just got done watching a Franklin the Turtle movie for the past hour that Daddy did not want you to watch, then he gave up and said fine, do whatever you want and went to bed. I’m assuming he’s asleep. I sat next to… Continue reading

Lily, More details emerge about your future. Tonight you said the big city you’ll live in will be in Poland. Your kids will speak Polish. You’ll walk your neighbor’s dog as a kind act. Your husband’s duties at the pizza place will include delivery. This morning, you said you’d move far away when you grow… Continue reading

Dear Lily, You told me you had three dreams last night. You were at a sleepover at Babcia and Dziadek’s having books read to you. You went to Avery and Evan’s (Bev’s house). Evan was eating noodles. Avery was dressed in a net. In your last dream you were on a flatbed train car, which… Continue reading

Lily, You helped build the igloo yesterday. You were the only child there and I felt bad about that. I told you I had hoped for more kids. You tried to help, but there wasn’t much for you to do, but I tried to get you combined/integrated with us (me and 3 other women, including… Continue reading