Lily, This week, you dreamed you were riding a giant watermelon in a big bathtub. The watermelon was as big as a whale and the bathtub as big as the ocean. There was a giant baby in the tub who was splashing you. I had two dreams last night. I was making pasta and celebrating… Continue reading

Lily, Why must you annoy me. I’m in the office trying to write to you and you barge in banging pans. Just before now, I was making the bed and you climbed all over it. If I’m in the kitchen, you incessantly interrupt me. I tell you repeatedly that I’m doing something.

Lily, You just got back from playing outside with Daddy. He took over for me so I could go in and feel better. It’s almost dark outside. Dusk, sunset. We spent the past half hour or so playing in the snow. Making fairy snow houses out of sheet ice/snow and snowballs. Digging, stomping. Making mini… Continue reading

Lily, You talk sometimes about moving and about the end of the world. I think you’re picking up on the mass consciousness of earth. 2017 is supposed to be a time of upheaval and mass change. Collapse and rebuilding. I will feel hopeful.

Lily, You had a dream last night. You and I were exploring an old abandoned building. You said there were sand and palm trees on the inside (water park, green house, space station?) and that it wasn’t spooky (like a haunted house).

Lily, Yesterday, you misbehaved at school. I got a brief letter from Linette that they want to meet with me and discuss your behavior. Here’s the email I wrote Linette.

Lily, You keep saying that you want to move. Daddy mentions it, too. I think you guys like the idea of a fresh start. Maybe you’re feeling stagnant energy. I want to hold on to what we have, but I do want to travel, camp in a cargo van.

Lily, You are on good terms with both Babcia and Dziadek since they came back yesterday. Very lovely, touching moments together. I’m pleased. You ate tiramisu with Dziadek yesterday. A first.

Lily, Our dreams recently. I dreamed of being in a garden (dry in fall) and gathering seeds. You had a nightmare about falling off a ladder. Then the next night, a wonderful dream about a gingerbread house and a candy land. You said I was in both dreams. You expect me to remember your dreams… Continue reading