Lily, I am exhausted, as usual. Here’s what we did today. Wake up, you complained of a stuffy nose. We both have whooping cough. You with hardly any symptoms, me with a stuffy nose and tickly throat. Had breakfast: kiwi, pears, tea, yoghurt for me (you didn’t have any). You watched lots of videos, the… Continue reading

Book titles you came up with today: The Leaf Move The Ghost Family The Day of Love I hope you write them some day. I want to read your books. 🙂

Lily, You are watching videos, again. I told you it was a non-video day, but relented, because you said it would only be a little bit. Here’s the bottom line: you push me to the breaking point. I make food, you refuse to eat it and want something else. I tell you my feelings are… Continue reading

Lily, You have recently become ravenous. You tell us you’re hungry all the time. All you want to eat are “sweet treats”, frozen fruit, pancakes. You’ll ask me to make something for lunch or dinner, I do, then you lose interest in eating it. Drives me nuts.

Hello poo, Another day, another opportunity for joy and stress. Last night, you slept in your room. Daddy punished you with a whole night in your own room after you peed on the floor near the heat register. Why did you do that? We were getting ready to read books. You read yourself books in… Continue reading

The love of my life, I can’t take it any more. I walked out. I’m at Babcia and Dziadek’s house (they’re in Poland). I feel so alone. I left you and Daddy together, you with tears, because he took the computer away and wouldn’t let you watch any more videos (you’ve been watching all day).… Continue reading

Lily, Today we had breakfast in bed (yoghurt and fruit), made pretzels at Babcia and Dziadek’s (they didn’t turn out, you’re on better terms with Dziadek — he’s trying), went to open gym, had lunch, you went to the library with Daddy, where you met a baby and played in the kids’ area while he… Continue reading

Lily, You are watching Cloud Babies videos. We just had quinoa and scrambled eggs for breakfast. Before that, grapes and Skittles. I’m writing in your baby diary.