Lily, You’re still not getting along with Daddy as well as you could, but know that he really tries. I took you to the art museum for outdoor playtime today: giant foam blocks, oversized checkers and dominoes, hula hoops, arts and crafts with letters, a drum circle came to play. You didn’t want to share… Continue reading

Monkey, Why must you pester us, eat your buggers and scabs, wake Daddy, fidget, wake us, hit us with books, keep us awake at night? Go to sleep!

Lily, You’re sleeping now and seem so peaceful. Perhaps you’ve forgiven me for storming off earlier today. I went alone to Babcia’s and Dziadek’s to cool off. Daddy called to ask me to come home after 3 hours. I reluctantly did so. I storm off and leave with increasing regularity. What can I do? I… Continue reading

Lily, Last night at Babcia and Dziadek’s, you danced around their backyard in the dark under the full moon singing, “I’m in the moon light. There’s no one here but me.” You make up songs and dances! How cool is that? The night before, you danced to Polish pub/folk/cabaret music with a feather and did… Continue reading