Terrible Tyrant, I’ve again had it with you. You exhaust my patience. You drop food constantly and make the house a mess. You take the sheets off the bed and carry stuff all over the house and RV. You get permanent marker and Play-Doh on the RV surfaces, then Daddy and I have to clean… Continue reading

Lily, At karate class today, your teacher asked you to take off your hat. You didn’t want to, so you sat out of class and watched. Ultimately, you decided on your own to take off the hat and join your class for the last 5 minutes or so. You’re me all over again. I hope… Continue reading

Lily,* Yesterday was a banner day. We put the pool on the deck, Daddy carried bucket after bucket of hot water to fill it and we all jumped in (you and me naked). It was so relaxing and fun, like a vacation. I loved it!

Lily, I’m writing this on the 20th from notes I took on the 14th. We went to Olander Park. The beach is still not open. I offered to paddleboat, but you didn’t want to. You met some girls at Olander. You saw them across the fence in their yard and invited yourself over the fence… Continue reading

Lilia, Daddy bought a used exercise bike on Craigslist today. I hope he uses it. He used it once today, got out of breath. He also wants to switch to a more raw vegan diet. Still wants meat, but is reading a book about heart health. I skimmed a book about colon health that says… Continue reading

Lily, I gave you your first haircut on Monday, just to get the bangs out of your eyes. You have yet to attend another karate class. You wanted to go to a water park today. You wanted to do several things today (go back and play at Audrey’s on the slip and slide), stay at… Continue reading