Lily, Often, I don’t know what to do with you. Perhaps Daddy is right and you do need more discipline. Maybe my idea that all humans regardless of age need freedom and consideration doesn’t make sense for parenting. Today, driving home from gymnastics you told me, “You’re not like the other moms. You don’t like… Continue reading

Lily, I worry you’re a lonely little tyke. I took you to open gym today. We were the only ones there. No other kids to play with. I felt bad. You’re sick of me. You want other people. Before class, you were smelling a lady’s butt, like a dog. She was nice about it. Her… Continue reading

Lily, You decided to call yourself Violet yesterday and today. You told me you want to take karate lessons, so we visited the martial arts studio next to Kyoto Ka last night, then had dinner there (little of which you liked). You walked in there and asked if they had classes for kids. Not me,… Continue reading

Lily, I have not been a good mommy today. This morning, I had a conference call. Then later today, I did gardening, cooking. I got mad at you many times for making messes and dropping food. I don’t want to be mad at you, I really don’t. It’s hard when you just leave things all… Continue reading

Lily, We just went to the library. You play so nicely with other children. You had a puppet show with some kids. One girl remembered you from another time at the library. You colored a robot picture. You like to hug people. You often ask, “Who are you?” Everyone says you’re cute.