Lily, You stuck a pine nut up your nose today. It was hard day. I don’t even want to write how hard. Nice moments of reading and cuddling, nice meals, but also moments of screaming and crying and me being mad at you. You told me to go away just now and are watching Cirque… Continue reading

Lily, It’s your 4th birthday. We baked a chocolate cake (with coconut sugar and whole wheat flour, so Daddy didn’t like the taste — you also said it tasted funny, I liked it). We went to the library and got almost 50 books, 1/3 of which we ready already.

Lilia, You met Wiesia and Andzej today. You were very excited, ran right up to them and yelled, “Wiesia! Andzej! I’m so happy to meet you.” Then you showed them our house, cat, yard, driveway, trees, your baby. You walked with them, Babcia, and Daddy to Olander park while I finished seeding one of the… Continue reading

Lily, I am writing this 4-15, but from my notes for 4-13. It’s often a struggle to keep this diary going. Babcia is playing with you in the living room now and I’m trying to run through my to do’s in the office with a pounding headache. But–Oh!–how I love you. You are wonderful. I… Continue reading

Lily, You can read! I was reading you “The Typewriter” by Bill Thomson, and as soon as I turned the page, you would read the word before I would. So it turns out you can read. And you’re not even 4 yet. However, I suspect you could read even earlier than last night. You’d often… Continue reading