Lily, Last night, you were banging on our locked bedroom door and screaming “let me in” over and over again. I would estimate for 10-15 minutes. You had been in the bedroom, but kept misbehaving, so finally, I put you in your room (you liked that). Then you wanted to come back, which was OK,… Continue reading

Lilia, You’re watching me type this. I want to record for posterity that yesterday you had your first ever fever, 101 degrees. You complained all day about itchy (watery, pink) eyes, a stuffy nose, and you sneezed and coughed. I gave you holistic pills and Daddy gave you children’s Tylenol and decongestant (purple pills). Both… Continue reading

Lily, You just fell asleep in your room. I’m writing this post feeling guilty. I got angry with you tonight. I asked you repeatedly to be quiet, not bother Daddy or me and let us rest. You took games out of the closet and kept talking. I know you can’t help it, but it’s so… Continue reading

Lily, You stayed up until midnight last night and again tonight. Yesterday, I finally carried you to your room (read: kicked you out of our bedroom) and after moaning “wah wah” for about 2 minutes, you fell asleep. First time you slept in your room all night. I went in there at 7:45 am and… Continue reading