Lily, Last night, you had a nightmare. You dreamed you were looking for Daddy. There were many Daddies who looked like Daddy, but when you approached one, he turned into a woman and took off his head. It scared you and when you woke up, you screamed at Daddy to leave the room. You know… Continue reading

Lily, What the hell do you want? Twice now, you’ve come into my office while I’m working and told me you want to go to sleep. The first time, I got up right away. You immediately started watching videos again. The next time, I kept working. Then went with you when you said you wanted… Continue reading

Poobear, You refused the dinner I served today. No big deal. You left the table and went to your room. I brought in cherries, farmer cheese and apple cake. That was your dinner. Then you rolled over, talked to yourself, and fell asleep in your bed in your room. I’m sitting on the floor near… Continue reading

Poo, Things you like to do lately: Play wiggle/stand. You wiggle, I say wiggle, you stop and stand, I say stand. This goes on until you get bored. 2 nights in a row. Being naked. You spend most days au natural. Playing with and in snow and ice. Coaching me when we shop about what… Continue reading

Lily, You wrote the following letter to Ciocia Monika on my computer. You told me it said, I enjoyed eating the lemon bar, playing with Liam’s toys, and am having a wonderful childhood. You also give recommendations to Liam for ways to play in the snow. It’s signed, Lily sends her love. Here it is:

My little sack of wonderful, Lots has happened. I’m sitting on the couch; you’re asleep in your black stroller in the foyer, leaned back with your little Montessori wooden chair. You’ve already woken once, but didn’t want me to move you to a bed. You wanted to fall back asleep in your stroller, so we… Continue reading