Lily, You really wear me out. I’ve had it with you and Daddy today. He spends all day with his nose in his phone. All you want to do is watch videos on the phone or on Dziadek’s TV (which he’s addicted to). You don’t want to eat meals, only snacks and sweets. I’m not… Continue reading

Lily, You wore a dozen outfits today. You change clothes often. You fell asleep tonight, head on my shoulder, as I read you Strega Nona stories. This afternoon, you had a movie night with Babcia and Dziadek, which you all enjoyed, while Daddy and I went out shooting. I’m a good shot even with firearms… Continue reading

Troublemaker :-), The bedroom smells strongly of perfume. I left you alone with perfume bottles (foolishly) and you got one open, poured it on Daddy, the bed, your head. The house reeks. How are you able to tall asleep?

Lily, Books you like right now: Philemon adventures by Fred: Cast Away on the Letter A, The Wild Piano, The Suspended Castle The Snowman by Raymond Briggs The Princess and the Pony by Kate Beaton You’re fascinated by space and flying around in bubbles, planets, stars. I’ve been reading The Power of Luck. My magical… Continue reading

Dear Lily, You peed on the floor 4 times today, I think. Each time was deliberate. Daddy and I are at our wit’s end. He yelled at you tonight, but you were unafraid. Instead, you asked why his eyes were popping out of his head. You think it’s funny when you pee on the floor.… Continue reading