Lily, Daddy had shoulder surgery today. Dr. Gupta, ProMedical Hospital on Reynolds. It was an off day for you, but you handled it beautifully. We had to leave only an hour after you woke up. Hurried breakfast of yesterday’s scones. Lunch of snacks brought from home: apple from our tree, pumpkin seeds, water, black carob… Continue reading

Lily, You’re watching fairy tales on YouTube (Cool School) and talking to the phone. Are you ready kids? “I am” you say. “Yes.” “Oh no.” It’s cute. I do worry that you watch too many videos. I don’t think it’s good for you.

Hey you non-sleeper, It’s 1:40 AM as I write this and I’m emotionally drained. You refused to sleep tonight. Fine, but don’t crawl all over us, bounce on the bed and make noise. You spent most of the night packing for our first RV trip Wednesday (still 3 days away). I told you it was… Continue reading