Lily, Yesterday, we bought an RV. A 1992 (1993 model year) Holiday Rambler H1000. It’s lovely. 🙂 Huge windshield. I don’t care for the mauve interior, but will come to love it. You love our “2nd house” already. You moved the pillows all around and converted the dinette to a bed. Cost us $7,500, a… Continue reading

Lily, You’re asking Daddy to open my office door. He tells you I want privacy and I do. I’m angry. I was, not any more. I just wanted you to brush your teeth, for your own health. I have so much on my shoulders lately, so much stress and I just can’t take it any… Continue reading

Little pea, We’ve had some wonderful days. I’ve just loved on you, adored you, lots of cuddle time. We start the day in bed and boob and read books, snuggle for hours, then eat, then you play by yourself for a while, then lunch, then some tantrums perhaps. You’ve been very independent lately. No issues… Continue reading

Lily, It’s 11 pm. You’re in the bedroom talking to yourself. I’m in the office with the door closed. I don’t like this feeling. We had such a nice day. You said, let’s put on our pajamas, it’s pajama time and we did. Then Daddy and I were exhausted and you wanted to boob, bounce… Continue reading

Lily, So much to tell you and so much I forget before I get to the laptop to write it down. Tonight when I came back from Pat’s (you wanted to come, but I said no, not this time), I read you the Madeline: The Old House in Paris book (again), we thought up 101… Continue reading

Giggle factory, I’m not laughing. I’m in the office, daddy’s in the living room, you’re in the bedroom. You won’t sleep and I don’t know what to do. Daddy gets angry with you, grabs your arm when you kick and annoy him, and tells you sternly to your face never to do it again. Then… Continue reading

Lily, I’m buying you precious metals (gold coins and wafers, silver bars). I liquidated your college savings plan and am putting the money into metals instead. I hope they will appreciate (although that would mean global catastrophe), but at least what I saved for you won’t loose value. I hope we can talk about this… Continue reading

Lily, You are presently calm and happy; Daddy is reading to you. Last night began what was today a horrible day. You woke me for boobs, I said I’d do 2 and that’s it, you said OK, I gave you two, you screamed for more for an hour, until we went back to bed (I… Continue reading