Lily, Daddy is playing tea party with you even though it’s 9:44 pm and he wants to sleep. He’s being very enthusiastic and you’re really enjoying yourself. I’m in the office doing 12 things at once: ordering cream and maple syrup from C/J Naturals Farm, emailing, writing a to do list, thinking about Keshe projects,… Continue reading

Lily, I have spent the past two days often adoring you, looking at you with absolute love and really enjoying our time together. That said, right now, I’ve locked you out of the office and told you, “Get out.” Daddy is taking care of you. I get fed up when you can’t find a way… Continue reading

Squeakface, You’re sleeping in your room. Your little face is jammed against the railing with one arm hanging over the edge. I miss you. I’m typing this in my office, so I suppose it doesn’t matter if you were asleep in the big bed or in your room, but I miss you, because I feel… Continue reading

Lily, I find it challenging to be your mother sometimes. You run around naked, bounce, scream, splash and get the kitchen all wet, change your mind so quickly it feels like we’re taking a sharp corner in a car, and are just your exuberant self. But I need a break from you and don’t usually… Continue reading

Lily, You’re talking to me through the closed office door. I want to work. I want you to sleep. You won’t. I’ve locked you out. Daddy is behind the closed bedroom door probably listening to all this. I don’t know what to do with you.

Giggle factory, That’s Daddy’s new nickname for you. You really wore me out today. You can be so demanding. It never stops, you never sleep, you want more more more.

Lily, I was looking at toddler girl swimsuits online for you when I realized I had forgotten to write to you. I’m doing it now.

Poo Bear, Daddy lost his temper with you tonight. He yelled at you to shut up. He also said you were annoying (right to you). Now I’m the tattletale reporting his misdeeds. He’s frustrated when you don’t want to go to bed. You were crying, because I lost my patience with you, too. You didn’t… Continue reading

Lily, You imagined and described what life would be like if Grandpa Sheldon were alive: He’d run through the sprinklers with you wearing shorts and an undershirt. You feed him cheesecake and berry ice cream (both homemade, of course). He sleeps in our bed with us or you two sleep on the couch. He goes… Continue reading

Name girl, You’re telling Daddy you changed your name to My Man Friday. You have so much energy for 9:46pm. Amazing. I think you’re having a good day. There’s a cheesecake baking in the oven. It’ll come out soon and cool. We’ll have it tomorrow perhaps for breakfast.