Lily, You teach me lessons instantly. I got fed up with you not wanting to go to sleep tonight when you said that you might pee in the bed. After we walked to the bathroom, I said, “If you pee in the bed, it’ll be the last time you sleep with us. It’s not OK… Continue reading

Wiggle worm, You have a kitten, Luey. We got him at Paws & Whiskers. You’ve been wanting a little animal buddy, someone to take care of and baby, but I think the thrill quickly wore off. Within 24 hrs you asked if we could take him back. I asked if it’s because he hides and… Continue reading

Poo, Today was a challenging day for us all. I hope we didn’t scar and traumatize you for life. I peeked into the bedroom just now and your face looks just like when you were a baby (less than a year old). You will always be my baby, even when you pee in your clothes,… Continue reading

Lily, It’s rather challenging being your parent today. You peed on the ground four times so far today. Are you having bladder issues? You laugh and think it’s funny to pee on the deck, the floor, the bed, the pillow. We don’t. Daddy stopped me from being carelessly violent with you today. I felt so… Continue reading

Lily, I am so annoyed with you right now. I bought you a book and you drew on the cover and the inside cover. I’m so angry that you defaced a book. We don’t seem to share common values. Yet, I don’t want to force you to believe what I believe. I really don’t want… Continue reading

Lily, You went to the gymnastics Tumble Tots class again today. You seem to like it. We’ll keep going.

Lily, I hope I’m doing right by you as your mother. Sometimes I wonder if I’m covering all the bases: nutrition (you’re very small and love sweets and meet), discipline (I let you do whatever you want and “there are no rules”), play time with children (it doesn’t seem to happen enough for you and… Continue reading

Dear Lilia, Interesting 4th of July weekend. Today was very hard on me emotionally. I was sleep deprived and will be again tomorrow, since I’m staying up late again tonight. I cried in front of you. (Daddy was also short-tempered today.) I never wanted you to see me cry. But you weren’t upset and we… Continue reading

Lily McLily, We had an off day today. I felt frustrated most of the day at not being able to accomplish much and I bet you felt ignored and brushed off. I need to treat you better. It’s hard for me to have a wonderful attitude when I feel stressed for time. I need to… Continue reading