Lily, My priority almost every day is to make your life wonderful. I try. Today, we went to Babcia’s. I had a conference call, but still talked with you. You played with Babcia, picked currants. Your tiny hands picking them off the bush and into the basket. You shucked corn and split peas (the latter… Continue reading

Lily, Today, you blew your nose all by yourself. You tore off some toilet paper at Babcia’s and blew your cute little nose. This morning you sang silly little scat songs with Daddy. It rained all day, so we didn’t go to the Crosby Arts Festival. You went with me to Fresh Market and bought… Continue reading

Lovely Lily, Lately, you enjoy running around the backyard naked (which I discourage for the sake of the neighbors), climbing into the waterfall tub (and peeing), and playing in the sandbox. You did all these this afternoon.

My dear sweet Lily, Our day today… We woke, talked, nursed, read, I made breakfast. A big pile of compost was delivered to our driveway (3 cubic yards). We went to the BMV, where we waited for an hour until our number was called. Saturday is a very busy day. We came home and ate… Continue reading

Lily, Where do I begin? You have been busy, busy, busy. Today: * I read you books this morning, then some “Disney Play-doh princess” songs (which I can’t stomach much any more, I’m burned out on these), breakfast in bed, reading the paper with Daddy, playing with Play-doh. * Trip to Bass Pro with Daddy,… Continue reading

Honeybun, This Sunday was the first time you went swimming at Olander Park. It wasn’t really swimming, though that’s what you called it. We waded into the water waste deep, I spun you around, I carried you, we played in the sand, and looked at baby ducks. You seemed to enjoy yourself. Yesterday, we went… Continue reading

Lily, You’re teaching me about synonyms. You were asking me for the Polish words for trash can and garbage can today and I said I thought it would be the same word either way. Then I looked up trash and garbage in the dictionary. …