Little One, You drive me nuts some times. You’re sitting in front of me now playing with Play-Doh saying “what does it look like now?” and “I was eating spicy Go-gurts.” as I type on the laptop.

Lily, You had the hardest time tonight. This afternoon, I asked Babcia to come over so I could work. You didn’t want to be with her, you wanted to be with me. I explained ahead of time that I was inviting her over, so I could work. You gave her a hard time. You screamed,… Continue reading

Lilia, Daddy and I got into a fight today. I jump from OK to despair/divorce in one step. Daddy never loses hope. He reminds me how much we have in common, how much we have together, how much we would lose, and how hard he tries. Then he apologizes. He reminds me that he needs… Continue reading

Lily, Today was your first ride in the sidecar outside the neighborhood. We rode out to Secor Park and back. We ran out of gas. You loved it. You kept saying how wonderful and nice is was. You put your arms out like you were flying and told us you were floating above the earth.… Continue reading

Lilia, Tonight you looked at me after an extended bout of energetic running around the house (literally, hours) and declared, “You know what I want more than anything? You and me and Daddy. And Babcia and Dziadek. Can I have them?” I tearfully answered, “yes.” I thought you would say a new dress or a… Continue reading

Lily, Today was a challenge for me. The past few days, I’ve felt mostly pure joy being with you. You are so wonderful to be around, to touch, to be in the sheer lightness presence of. I am filled with joy like water overflowing.

Lily, After dinner today, Dziadek asked you what you wanted to be when you grew up. Astronaut? Princess? Doctor? They kept baiting you. That’s not fair. First of all, you’re only 3. Second, what I want for you is to be free and happy. THAT is what you will be, not some job. A profession… Continue reading

Lily, Yesterday was a terrible, horrible, no good very bad day for you. So much unpleasantness happened.

Lily, You refused to go to sleep tonight. You boob, I tell you final 2, then you talk to yourself, forget to be quiet, I remind you, you get out of bed and do stuff, I fall asleep, then you want to boob again, I explain how we already had final boobs, you cry, I… Continue reading