Poo, You are starting to put yourself to sleep. When you feel tired, you come find me and tell me you want to book and book. We do, you fall asleep, usually on the first boob. If you don’t take a nap in the afternoon, you go to bed “early” (around 7) and sleep all… Continue reading

Lily, You don’t want to eat veggies lately. I ask what you want, you say broccoli or corn, peas, or something, then you won’t eat it. All you want is sugar. Ice cream, cookies, etc. I’m very frustrated. I’m super frustrated with Daddy and Grandma Marilyn, who want to feed you crap and don’t know… Continue reading

You were incredibly patient today at the dentist’s office. You are developing all those qualities everyone but me was worried you may not develop “soon enough”: patience, consideration for others, foresight, realization of potential consequences, politeness (apologizing). You’re a great cookie. 🙂

I hope one day you will remember the sensation of my breath on the top of your head as we snuggle. And falling asleep together. Reading together. Closeness.

We played with puzzles. You were very patient during my conference call this morning. When we woke up, I got my very first (and maybe last 🙂 apology as a parent. You woke me to nurse. I said last 2 boobs. You said why and I said I was tired. And you said, “Oh, and… Continue reading

No boob

From an email I just sent Daddy. Lily just fell asleep. We had a record number of 2 last boob, 2 last book (poems) requests. We would do the last ones, she’d let me sleep for about 5 minutes, then wake me for 2 more. Finally, I said, no that’s it. I stood up and… Continue reading No boob

Lily darling, You are in a bath phase. I’ve noticed that you have two phases: “I hate baths” and “I want to take 3 baths a day.” We’re in the 3 baths a day phase. That will pass. Just like brushing your teeth passes. Some times you are willing, other days not.

Poo, You fell asleep in your bed in your room today. You’re sleeping there now. Daddy is with you. I’m working in the office. I miss you terribly. I love when you sleep in our bed.

Lily, Lucky died today. Daddy took him to the vet this morning. They left right after you woke up. I stroked Lucky and told him I’d like to see him again. I wanted him to return. I hoped the Indian herb and chlorine dioxide I tried administering to him would work and cure his cancer.… Continue reading