Princess Lily, You’re a social butterfly, Ms. Popularity. Everyone in our neighborhood knows you and addressed you by name, “Hello, Lily.” How do you know them? I don’t even know them. They know and love you. Folks ask you questions. Carry on a conversation, compliment you, wave to you. Other neighbors slow down their cars… Continue reading

Poo, You fell into the pond today. I was right next to you and fished you out immediately. You told me it was scary underwater, but you remembered to hold your breath and float. I took your wet shirt off, took you inside, took the wet diaper off, and toweled you off. You recovered almost… Continue reading

You’re a wild woman, Lily. You bounce off the walls, run around, climb everything. You’re very eager to test the limits of your body and your ability to heal. Your poor head. Ouchy, honey! Today was your first time in a big tent: Babcia Ewa’s 8×10′ Coleman tent that I camped in as a girl.… Continue reading

Lily Bear, You love to climb. All this week, you climbed everything in sight. Your muscles must be getting strong. You have a healthy appetite: meals, boobs, ice cream! This week, you climbed down the stairs at Babcia’s without holding my hand or the railing. What a terrific sense of balance you have. I love… Continue reading