Lily, More firsts. Today, your first “adult” pimple on your chin. I scraped it off. It healed by the afternoon. Yesterday, your first time sitting bare-assed in your sandbox. You loved it. I’m not as pleased with the idea. Our first time dangling our feet in the pond. The fish don’t mind our feet one… Continue reading

Today, you looked me in the eye and said, “I’m glad I chose you.” Thank you. I believe you did choose us. 🙂

Lily, I just ordered you some Shel Silverstein books on Amazon and requested Tin Tin books from the library. I think you’re ready for both. We’ll see if you like them. You recently started asking Daddy and me to read you the comics in the paper. They are NOT funny. Humor is complex and requires… Continue reading

Hey Monkey Butt, A day of firsts today: First road trip to Goshen Airport for Rotors n’ Ribs (you did great, no complaints) First taste of ribs (you weren’t impressed) First time eating kettle corn (you liked it) First exposure to a helicopter cockpit (a fancy EC-145, no too shabby, little one) First visit inside… Continue reading

Lilybear, I smacked your little hand today. I regretted it as soon as I did it. I didn’t do it hard and you hardly noticed, but I want to apologize any way. I’m deeply ashamed. This is the first time ever that I’ve raised my hand to you. I never want to do it again.… Continue reading