Lilybear, Today was the first day you fell asleep in your bed in your bedroom. Then you rolled out onto Daddy’s head (who was laying near your bed) and woke up crying. We moved you to our bed, which is where I planned to move you anyway at some point tonight. I didn’t want the… Continue reading

Lily, Today, we moved your bed into your room. You helped Daddy assemble it. You seemed to like your bed in your room. We also moved two bookcases in there. The room is furnished and cozy. I hope you like playing (and eventually) sleeping in there. The bookcases hold records, art books, photo albums, children’s… Continue reading

Hello Poo, You’re chattering away with Daddy in the other room. What a day you had. You ate a good breakfast: split pea soup with potatoes and pork meatball bits. Then you stayed with Daddy and played while I went to pickup pastries for Babcia for Mother’s Day. We all walked over there in the… Continue reading

Some observations: You talk in your sleep. Something about needing a wet washcloth, what you ate, your puppy. Daddy bought you “Brownie puppy” at Bass Pro yesterday. I took you there 4 times and we didn’t bring any more animals home. Daddy took you and ASKED if you wanted the puppy. He sure loves you.… Continue reading