Noodle, Daddy gave you your Noodle T-shirt with the lady bugs yesterday. You seem to like it. I think you like personalized clothing. I left the room tonight after boobing and you turned to Daddy and said nonchalantly, “She’ll be back.” You’re a little smartass, aren’t you? 🙂 You also taunt Daddy and me when… Continue reading

Some things you said today: On the drive home from Kroger’s: I’m a beautiful butterfly. With Daddy at Dziadzia’s house: What’s this about? When I tried to put you down for a nap using 1-2-3 Magic discipline: Three, OK leave. You were taunting me. I left.

Cookieface, Over the past 14 hours, you’ve had a total of 15 minutes of sleep. My world revolves around how much sleep you (and therefore I) get. I know it seems all I ever write or talk about is how little you sleep or the little naughty things you do, but late at night when… Continue reading

Lily, You make up stories. When you look at books, when you see pictures in the paper, or sometimes just sitting at the table and thinking, you’ll make up new stories about the characters. I’m so happy to see your imagination developing.

You pooped in the tub today, Peanut. That was a first. You already pooped in your pants, on the floor, and in the potty, so we’re running out of options. You are most talkative right before bedtime. Your poor Daddy.

We were walking home today and you saw some birds flying in the sky, a long key of geese. You told me, “I see birds” and I asked, “Where are they going.” You answered, “To Bass Pro to get some gitchy goomies.” 😀

Noodle, Today you said wonderful things to us! You told Daddy, “You’re my best friend, Daddy.” To me you said, “Thank you, Mommy” and “Mommy is the best.” You make us so happy kitten. You didn’t want to nap or go to bed again. 🙂 You wanted to put yourself to sleep in Dziadek’s bed… Continue reading

Dudette, We can’t get over your tiny little voice or how fluent you are. You speak in sentences, have a sense of humor and point of view. We can carry on an adult conversation with you. You also like to talk to yourself, especially in bed or sitting in back of the car. Chatter, chatter,… Continue reading

You told me, “I’m tired and need to go to sleep,” and I agree, then you refuse. Why, cookie? Why oh why don’t you want to sleep, even when you know you’re tired? Daddy showed you the book about Malbork castle. He said it’s in Poland and you said “in a faraway land.” How did… Continue reading