PooBear, Yesterday, you sang for the first time. You know the words to Old MacDonald, Wheels on the Bus, and so on, but never sang them before. You also dance, but have been dancing for months. You played a full-size piano yesterday, too. You like to talk to yourself. You chatter away all day. You… Continue reading

Noodle, Today, you announced, “I don’t like pants any more.” You didn’t feel like putting your pants on this morning. You’re so vocal and opinionated.

PooBear, I just overheard Daddy say, “Stop kicking Daddy.” I’m trying to work in the office, Daddy is trying to sleep in the bedroom (he has to get up early for work again), and you like Oliver Donnington Rimington-Sneep do not want to sleep. I can hear you fussing now. You want a boob.