Noodle Doodle, You know the names of many animals, but some still throw you for a loop. You no longer call squirrels monkeys, however, today, you called a fox (in a book) a squirrel. It was the fluffy tail.

Noodle, This week, you’ve been taking two baths a day. You want to take a bath in the morning (and I let you), then I bathe you again before bedtime. You also want to take books and your stuffed animal buddies into the bath, but I discourage it. Some buddies have taken baths (and then… Continue reading

Noodle Doodle, You are such a big girl already. You no longer pee at night. You wake each morning in our big bed with a dry diaper. Then I set you on the potty to pee and poo. You like for me to read to you. I think you hold it, just to extend the… Continue reading