You little trickster! I walked into the bedroom (it was dark and my eyes weren’t adjusted) and asked you, “Where’s Lily?” and you answered, “Sleeping.” I don’t believe you for a moment. 😀

Noodle, Yesterday, you put your coat on all by yourself. We were both proud. You repeated, “all by myself.”

Today is the second day you have not taken a nap. You seem sleepy, but then refuse to nap. However, that also means you have an earlier bed time (7 vs. 10:30, which is how late you stay up when I let you nap 3 hours in the afternoon). Could this be the end of… Continue reading

Dear Poo, About a week ago, Daddy started calling you Noodle, because you melt like a limp noodle when you don’t want to stand. Almost immediately (the next day), you started referring to yourself as, “Noodle” e.g., “Noodle lay down.” You like your bed and your room, “Lily bed” and “Lily room” as opposed to… Continue reading