Dear Lilia, My letter to you is tempered with sadness today. This morning, I took Jack to the vet and let him return to the universe. He was old, blind, deaf, his sense of smell was weak, he got confused often, and had trouble climbing stairs. I imagine his quality of life was poor. And… Continue reading

Dear PooBear, Today, Babcia and Dziadek came over and we ate dinner all together at your table (for the first time). It was so pleasant, I think we’ll eat there from now on. Let’s try it tomorrow for breakfast. You at a LOT today. All your meals, lots of snacks, lots of boob. You will… Continue reading

Picklepuss, So much has happened over the past week. You’ve decided you no longer want to wear socks, pants, or diapers. Sometimes you walk around near naked (my little “naked nudie”) and other times with one sock and shoe on and the other foot bare. You want to go outside to blow bubbles, but wearing… Continue reading