Peanut Butter, You like to repeat words and make up phrases. This weekend, you enjoyed saying “Agree.” That’s certainly more pleasant to hear than “No.” When you eat meals, you tell me “all done” when finished. Then you hand me dishes, so I can clear them, and request a “(paper) towel” to clean the “tray”… Continue reading

Some more tidbits from today: You say “yoghurt in” as you eat your yoghurt. It’s as if you’re ordering the yoghurt to jump in your mouth. I took you down the street and you found the bottle of bubble bath. When I explained that your pool was gone and we’d need water for the bubbles,… Continue reading

Lily Bear, Lately, you’ve been pulling out all the stops to delay sleep and naps. You have many stalling techniques: asking for ‘boob’ (nursing), being cute, bouncing on pillows and us, pulling out my phone, asking to watch Barney, asking for your stuffed animals, trying to get ‘down’, wanting ‘more books’ or a specific book,… Continue reading

From an email to Aunt Monika: She says drive when she wants to go for a drive. She stands or sits between my legs in the driver’s seat and moves the gearshift and wheel. She also inserts the key. We only do this in the neighborhood where there is no traffic. I wouldn’t take her… Continue reading

Lily, We were reading Dr. Seuss’s ABC book (which you call the “ABC” book) and when I said, “BIG B, little b, what begins with b?” you said, “boob.” And then I nursed you. It was super cute. Your language skills are awesome. You surprise me several times a day with how much you know… Continue reading

Dear Lily, You corrected me today. I was showing you the Hunka Munka night light — you were saying “ear” and “mouse” — and I told you there were four baby mice in the crib and you turned to me and said, “cradle.” We never use that word. You must remember it from when I… Continue reading

Dear Lilia, You continue to astound me with your intellect and personality. I pulled a book off the shelf this evening, which you hadn’t seen in well over a month, and you remembered the main character’s name, Milo (the mouse). You said, “Milo” and then communicated you weren’t interested in reading the book. Your favorite… Continue reading