Oh Lily Bear, A while ago (before I had a nice talk with Daddy and calmed down), my blood was boiling. A UPS man rang our doorbell not once, not twice, but THREE times, while you were trying to fall asleep. He kept waking you up despite the obvious yellow and red sign on our… Continue reading

Dear Lilia, You start school very soon. I think you’ll really like it. Today, Grandma Marilyn predicted that you will be a leader in your class. A little ringleader. You have the personality. You are bold, adventurous, confident, opinionated, not shy, and sometimes even a little bossy.

This morning you washed not only your hands by yourself with your little soap, but also your feet, face, and hands. Your are on a roll! Still love that soap.

You put on my slippers tonight and played dress up. I need to find you some dress up clothes. You’re determined to put on your own socks. We’ll keep practicing. I took you to my chiropractor appointment today. You charmed everyone. You played with the lobby toys. You understand me! I can ask if you… Continue reading

You used a (shot) glass all by yourself today. With one hand even (not two), just like an adult. You were so proud of yourself. You smiled and laughed. New words are coming fast and furious now. You now repeatnew words after hearing them for the first time. Today you said map. You also like… Continue reading

Dear Little One, Daddy, Babcia, and I took you to Montessori today for our 20 minute interview with your teachers. You had a ball. You walked around the classroom examining everything: the fish, the hampster, the colorful blocks, the bears. You climbed the ramp and walked down the stairs holding the handrail by yourself. You… Continue reading