Dear Lily, What a day today. It was a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day (and my name isn’t even Alexander), but it ended on a good note. You had some unfortunate events today. You upended the dog water bowl, then slipped on the water and fell backwards on the tile hitting your head.… Continue reading

Dear Lilia, Another day of firsts. You are eager to do things on your own and we delight in watching you. You like to hang towels up by yourself. You’ll practice doing so for 5-10 minutes at a time. Today, I watched you put your shoes away in the closet, then my shoes. You put… Continue reading

You started stacking blocks today. 🙂 Your Montessori table and chairs came. We set them up for you in the living room.

Sugar Pop, I think you had a wonderful day today. You laughed, giggled, squealed, and fell asleep a half hour early. Daddy took you for a walk in the park this morning for 3 hours. You took a nap outside for an hour. You were very popular with people at the park, young and old… Continue reading

LilyBear, You had many firsts today: First time eating dogfood (that I know of). You were playing with the scoop, fishing dogfood out of the container and snuck in some morsels. Stop that. 🙂 First drawing! Crayon on legal paper. First time turning a lamp on and off. The lucky lamp was our stained glass… Continue reading

Dear Lily, I was sitting on the toilet going to the bathroom today, when you walked in, sat down on your potty next to me and peed. You were still wearing your diaper, because I didn’t have a chance to remove it, but you had the right idea. I praised you and am so proud… Continue reading

Lily, You’re growing by leaps and bounds. Every day you demonstrate a new facet of your intelligence. This morning, I saw you in the hall putting the correct shapes into the lid of your box of blocks: star in the star hole, cross in the cross hole. You’ve already learned how to exit your bed… Continue reading

Dear Lilia, I had a great idea today. I’ve been reading about the Montessori method and they recommend filling your space/home with pictures of great artwork, nature, interesting things for you to look at. So I found some post cards and taped them up around the house for you to discover tomorrow. They’re all at… Continue reading

You’ve started putting your finger in your nose this week. You don’t pick your nose, rather, you seem to be keeping the tip of your finger warm. At any rate, I try to discourage you. Yesterday, we visited West Side Montessori. You had a wonderful time. We walked into the lobby and I put you… Continue reading