Babcia and I took you to the zoo today, but it was raining and we didn’t make it further than the gift shop (which you seemed to enjoy). You wandered around and picked up toys, then cried when I took them away from you. I’m sorry, poo bear. Babcia bought you a book and me… Continue reading

You tried to stuff the following down my top today: meatballs, apricot, asparagus, banana. It was a long day. You love your kiddie pool and cried when I took you out. Tomorrow will be your last day of ISR swimming. Daddy and Grandma M are coming. You’re sleeping so soundly now.

Yesterday, you slept all through the night and today, you awoke with a dry diaper. You peed in your potty three times! And it was our first day potty-training. You rock, kitten! You wore your cloth diaper to swimming today and flipped over just fine. Miss Kim said you don’t have to wear it again,… Continue reading

Dear Lilia, You floated beautifully in your lesson on Friday. Every time Miss Kim, your instructor, flipped or rolled you face down into the water, you would twist and bob to the surface, almost as if you had a counterweight. On Thursday, you attended the funeral of your first swim instructor, Cindy Favorite. She was… Continue reading

Hey Wiggle, As usual, it’s difficult to find the time to write to you, but I feel it’s important. Daddy and I are really struggling to find time for anything. We’re up at 5 and go to bed at 10 — in between, we’re running around all day. We still don’t have a kitchen. It’s… Continue reading