Your favorite word is “up.” Daddy taught it to you several weeks ago. He’s so tickled and delighted when you learn new words and he can get you to parrot him. Your birthday was this past Sunday. We still have no kitchen, it was raining, Babcia and Dziadek were in Poland, I had to attend… Continue reading

Dear Lili, We’re now writing your name as Lili (in addition to Lilia and Lili). Remember our very first pet names for you? Monkey Feet and Noisy Pants? Well, your pants aren’t noisy any more. You only have solid stools (cute little turds). You feed yourself with a spoon. You prefer solid chunks for food… Continue reading

Today, I saw (and video-recorded) your first few unassisted steps at home. You’ve already taken bold, independent steps at Babcia and Dziadek’s. For the past few months, you’ve enjoyed walking all around the house, dragging me around by the finger, which Babcia calls “the finger of safety.” 🙂 You hold my finger in your left… Continue reading