Dziadek just told me over the phone that you took 5 steps by yourself. And I missed it! I want to kick myself. I’m so sad. I missed your first steps!! Here I am sitting at home doing accounting in Quickbooks to send to the CPAs and you and Daddy are down the street with… Continue reading

Hey Sugarpop, Today was an exciting day for the whole family. It was your very first day of ISR (Infant Swim Resources) swim lessons. You cried almost the whole lesson, from the second Cindy Favorite, your instructor, took you out of my arms until the moment I held you once more, rocking and soothing you.… Continue reading

For the past few weeks, you’ve been pointing to things you want and places you want to go. I’ve taken you to two Tumble Tots classes at Sunrise Gymnastics Academy. You liked the first class better. This last time I took you, you were less enthusiastic. Perhaps you were tired. We started the kitchen demolition… Continue reading

Dziadek clapped his hands together and you clapped your hands together next. He was so pleased. He laughed and laughed.