Lily, I was looking forward to talking with my friend, Heather Mathias, today. We had a Skype chat scheduled for 7 pm today and she didn’t show. I feel like this is instant karma. I was planning to just ignore the new friends I’ve made on Facebook (Carrie, Jennifer, Rebecca, maybe not Amanda or Cypress,… Continue reading

Lily, What is going on with you? All day long for months, you go back and forth between slamming doors in my face and screaming you want to be alone, then coming out like everything is fine. I asked you today on the way to get milk if I do the right thing when I… Continue reading

Your app idea is Centrania, the next Tune In Radio or music app. (you) It’s an app that plays calm music. Babies who hear it are gaga to sleep. (me) You could charge any price for that. (you) It helps when babies wake up and go, “weehh heh heh weeehhh.” It makes them go back… Continue reading

Lily, We just watched the best of So You Think You Can Dance on YouTube. You got inspiration for your own contemporary, interpretive dances. You decided your stage name would be Renee Hah-wren and your dance partner would be Izzy Meloncore (previously Hope Mellon).

Lily, I suggested you and Daddy clean the fireplace after dinner. Next thing I know, you’re screaming. He grabbed the shovel out of your hand and didn’t even realize you were bleeding. I came and took you into the bathroom, rinsed the cut, put on green goo and a bandaid. Daddy stormed off in his… Continue reading

You bumped your head twice today. Just now, when we all tried to jam through the door coming out of the office and you banged into the door jam. You cried. It left a mark. The other time was earlier today on the way to Panera when you didn’t want to put on your seat… Continue reading

Lily, Last night was hard. You brushed your teeth un-asked-for, but it went downhill from there. I ended up kicking you out of the bedroom, because you wouldn’t let me sleep. Daddy was already in the living room. He decided to just avoid any episodes by staying out there until you fell asleep. Long story… Continue reading